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  • Classic Black & White + 5 Ways To Find Your Personal Style


    Outfit Details:

    Top:  Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Top (Now On Sale)

    Bottom:  Black Wide Leg Linen Pants (Old); Love these here, here, and here

    Shoes:  Black Ankle Strap Sandal (Now On Sale)

    Bag:  Quilted Bag

    Belt:  Gucci Belt

    As you may have already read in my previous blog posts, I describe my personal style, as classic with a little twist.  From color palettes and prints and patterns, to fabrics and right down to the design of the clothing styles I like, they always seem to fall into the classic style category.  I usually try to stick with timeless pieces, but from time to time, I will add a touch of a trend to give my classic style a little twist.

    What I love about fashion and style in general is that regardless of your personal style, you can have an appreciation for other styles, and mix elements of these styles to create your own signature fashion persona.  When deciding what to wear, to me, the first place to always start is to know your style.  This first step is important, because it allows you to create outfits that you can wear comfortably and with confidence, and it gives you the foundation for putting together looks that you love.  So, in today’s “Style Guide,” I’m sharing 5 ways to find your personal style.

    Style Guide:  5 Ways To Find Your Personal Style

    Know Your Body Type – Before you can pick clothes and style your looks, it’s important to know your body type.  This will help you find the right clothing to accentuate or camouflage any areas that you consider strengths and weaknesses.  You can use this site here to help determine your body type.

    Know Your Personality – Think about who you really are, what you like to do, and try to make sure your style reflects your personality.  Find ways to express your personality in your outfits, this will ensure that you are comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

    Identify Your Personal Color Palette – A big part of your personal style, is your personal color palette.  Do you like bright colors, or do you prefer neutral, more subdued color palettes?  Determining a color palette helps you when not only shopping for clothes, but also styling your looks.  Before you purchase an item, ask yourself, do this fit within my color palette, or can it be mixed or paired with the colors that I love to wear.

    Find Photos Of Looks You Love – Take some time to check out fashion magazines, and collect photos of looks and styles you like.  Over time, you will see how the photos have similar style elements, and you’ll also notice your signature style being identified through the photos you collect.

    Assess Your Wardrobe – Take some time to check out what’s currently in your closet.  This will give you a chance to see a pattern in your style choices, and it will also allow you to get rid of things in your closet that no longer fits your personal style.  Then you are able to start adding pieces, and styling looks that fully represent your signature style.

    I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I hope it has given you a few steps to help you find your personal style.  For this look, I paired my Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Top (Now On Sale), with my Black Wide Leg Linen Pants (old, similar here, here, and here).  I accessorized with my black Ankle Strap Sandals, my Black Quilted Bag, and my Gucci Belt. You can shop the specific items I’m wearing as well as similar items I love, by clicking the links above in “Outfit Details,” by clicking the photos below in “Shop This Post,” and by visiting the “Shop Fashion” page here.

    As always, thanks so much for reading!


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