About Lulu With Grace


Kristi Stepteau

Kristi Stepteau


Lu•lu /’lu:lu:/ –   a remarkable person, object or idea.

Grace \ˈgrās\ – a charming or attractive trait or characteristic.

About Me

Welcome to Lulu With Grace!  I’m a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle enthusiast, who enjoys sharing my fashion finds, my style ideas, my beauty buys, and my overall lifestyle with others.  LuLu With Grace is my platform to share and connect with those who love all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and I’m excited to introduce LuLu With Grace to you.

About The Blog

Lulu With Grace  features my favorite fashion styles and trends, beauty insights and advice, and lifestyle tips that are ageless, timeless, classic, and suitable for any lifestyle.  Lulu With Grace will also oftentimes go beyond these topics and focus on community and a life filled with substance and grace in the lifestyle section.  Through Lulu With Grace, I hope to share my sense of style, my love for beauty, and my thirst for life, and I also hope to be a source of inspiration to empower my readers to look, feel, and live their best life, while being a Lulu With Grace.

Thank you so much for reading.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’m enjoying the journey.

~ Kristi