4 Ways To Prepare Your Wardrobe For Fall With Pieces That Also Work For Summer


Outfit Details:

Top:  Oversized Button Down Shirt

Bottom:  Tailored Wide Leg Pant

Shoes:  Taupe Block Heel Sandal

Bag:  Round Straw Bag (Sold Out); Very Similar Here

Fall is truly my favorite time of year, and although the current temperatures for most of us, aren’t indicating that fall is anywhere near, if you want to inject a little feeling of fall into your summer wardrobe, or start to slowly transition your wardrobe for fall, there are a few ways to do it, and still maintain a cool summer vibe.  As you can probably tell from some of my recent posts, I’ve become a big fan of neutral colors lately, and neutral colors are a great place to start for fall transition pieces.

You may be finding it hard to even think about fall right now, and even harder to get excited about transitioning your wardrobe for a new season, for me, a quick and easy way to do it is to incorporate summer pieces in your wardrobe that can also work for fall.  So, in today’s “Style Guide,” I’m sharing four ways to prepare your wardrobe for fall with pieces that also work for summer.

Style Guide: 4 Ways To Prepare Your Wardrobe For Fall With Pieces That Also Work For Summer

Choose Lightweight Blouses And Tops – Lightweight blouses and tops are great for summer, and also make perfect layering pieces for fall.  They can easily be worn under blazers and sweaters for fashionable fall looks.  A good crisp white blouse like this one here is perfect and a striped blouse like this one here is great also.

Pick The Perfect Fabric Pants – Twill is a good fabric choice for pants that will work for both summer and fall.  Look for colors that can easily be styled for fall and year round.  In addition to the pants I’m wearing, I also like these black pants here and  these camel pants here.

Go With Neutral Colors –  Neutral colors are perfect for fall.  They are easy to style and they can be paired with any other color you choose.

Pick Jackets That You Can Layer Over Lightweight Pieces In Summer And Heavier Pieces In Fall – Cotton blend jackets are perfect for layering.  I love this one here and here.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I hope you picked up a few tips for preparing your wardrobe for fall.  For this look, I paired my Oversized Button Down Shirt with my Tailored Wide Leg Pants.  I accessorized with my taupe Block Heel Sandal and my Round Straw Bag (Sold Out); very similar here.  You can shop the specific items I’m wearing or similar items that I love, by clicking the links above in “Outfit Details,” by clicking the photos below in “Shop This Post,” and by visiting the “Shop Fashion” page here.

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