• When it comes to my style, as you’ve probably noticed, I love styling pieces …
  • When it comes to quick and easy casual style, a utility jumpsuit is one piece …
  • To me, there’s nothing like finding the perfect pieces for your seasonal wardrobe, and …
  • As someone who loves classic styles, classic jean styles are always a wardrobe staple for …
  • In Neutral Gear




    I really love those days when the to-do lists are non-existent, and you’re just coasting through the day as if you’re actually in neutral gear.  It seems on those days, you notice things you may have passed a thousand times, and you are able to take in and appreciate your surroundings.  It’s been said that colors in clothing, home decor, and even architecture are forms of non-verbal communications, and this day, I was definitely…(Click The “View The Post” Button Below To Read The Full Post, And View More Photos)

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