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  • Latte Love: DIY Latte Art


    IMG_6905Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love my latte’s.  Whether from a neighborhood coffee shop, or my made at home versions, my morning is not truly underway without my latte.  During my travels, I’ve visited many coffee shops, and I’ve not only enjoyed various latte flavors, but I’ve fallen in love with the latte art many barista’s  have used to adorn my morning “cup of joe”.  The patterns and designs you often see in the foam topping of your coffee shop espresso or latte, is considered latte art, and now, I’ve found a way to create this lovely coffee art at home.  Now, although it may not be as picture perfect as barista latte art, it’s fun, pretty simple and easy, and perfect to use when entertaining, or simply…(Click The “View The Post” Button Below To Read The Full Post and View More Photos)

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