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  • Winter Essentials: The Camel Coat & Tips For Buying A Coat



    When it comes to fashion, everyone has that one type of clothing or accessory they’re constantly drawn to.  Some are shoe people, some are jewelry lovers, and some have a handbag habit.  Now, although, I truly love all types of clothing and accessories, if I had to classify myself, I would definitely say, I’m a coat person.  The interesting thing about my love for coats, is that I don’t necessarily live in an area that’s known for having extended periods of cold coat wearing weather, so when I do shop for coats, I try to stay true to my classic style, and go with timeless designs, and neutral colors, that can be worn for several seasons.  One winter essential I feel everyone should have in their cold weather arsenal, is the classic camel coat.  It is…(Click The “View The Post” Button Below To Read The Full Post and View More Photos)

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