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  • EXPRESS-ing Myself


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    Since I’ve been blogging, its been very interesting to watch my style evolve.  Through this evolution, I’ve come to realize that my style definitely leans more towards being mostly classic in a modern and feminine way, and because of this I’m beginning to really evaluate my closet, and add pieces to my wardrobe that I feel truly match my sense of style.  Although, I will often play around with various fashion periods, like in today’s post, a slight nod to the 70’s, an expression of my classic, modern and feminine style will always be found in the foundation of the look.  In today’s post, I’m EXPRESS-ing Myself” in two ways, by sharing this look mostly from Express, and…(Click “View Full Post” Button Below To Read The Full Post and View More Photos)

    Featured Pieces:

    Get the details here (Top),  here (Pants), here (Shoes), here (Bag), here (Sunglasses)

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