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  • Stripes Week Continued: Stripes On Stripes & How To Wear Them



    Because of my travel schedule last week, I was unable to share my final post for “A Week of Stripes,”, so today, I’m continuing with stripes and sharing one last post from stripes week.  For this stripes look, I went all out with stripes on stripes.  Now, for those who are unsure about wearing stripes period, stripes on stripes may seem a bit overwhelming initially, but it doesn’t have to be.  Today, I’m sharing ways you can wear this classic print trend, without…(Click “View Full Post” Button Below To Read More)

    Featured Pieces:

    Get the details here (Blazer), here (Top/Cami), here (Pants), here (Shoes), here (Bag)

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    [bmp id=60]


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