White Haute Week Post 2: The White Blouse



For my second post of “White Haute Week”, as promised, I am sharing another white essential wardrobe piece that I believe should be in every woman’s closet, the white blouse.  Do you have any clothing items, that you feel are reminiscent of a certain era, style, or a particular theme?  The classic white blouse often makes me think of the 1950’s era, when it seems the white blouse was definitely a staple in women’s wardrobes.  The home designs seemed to also be very distinct during that time, with most seemingly being adorned by the era’s popular white picket fence.  Today I’m sharing a modern day take on the essential white blouse, while also incorporating a setting I stumbled upon while driving, that could have easily been a home in a TV sitcom staged in the 1950’s.  In addition, I’m sharing why I believe the white blouse is an essential wardrobe piece.

Featured Pieces:

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