All Aboard! For White Haute Week




It’s funny how you can live in an area for a long time, and because of your day to day habits, you somehow miss seeing something or taking a moment to savor your surroundings and take in something new and different.  It’s somewhat like the wardrobe rut we all find ourselves in sometimes.  Relying on our old faithfuls, and daring to shake up our outfit routines.   Well, having probably passed this particular area a thousand times, I stumbled onto this train, and I thought it would be appropriate for my post today.  Today, I’m welcoming you aboard for the Lulu With Grace “White Haute Week.”  Each post this week will feature a fashionable white essential wardrobe piece that everyone should have in their closet to freshen and brighten up their closets.  I’m kicking off “White Haute Week,” with the “Little White Dress.”  Most of us are familiar with the LBD “Little Black Dress,” well, move over little black dress, there’s a new dress in town, and here are a few reasons why the little white dress is an essential piece for your wardrobe.

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