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  • Wise Day Wednesday: Tips For Wisely Shopping On A Budget


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    One of the many things I am enjoying most about blogging, are the many notes, messages, and comments my readers have shared thanking me for the inspiration my blog has given them.  When I launched my blog just a few months ago, my goal was to not only inspire my readers to look and feel their best, but to also, make sure my blog shared items that would be accessible to anyone regardless of their budget, thus “The Look,” and “The Look For Less” options became a major part of Lulu With Grace.  Now, in my mind, a budget is not necessarily a reflection of what you can afford, but rather a reflection of how much you personally want to pay for something.  We all have our passions, and things that we are willing to purchase at a certain price, and sometimes, if we can find the same or similar item at a better price, that simply makes shopping more enjoyable.  Today, I’m sharing a quick round up of a few looks and looks for less from my previous blog posts to demonstrate how you can easily find similar items at a lesser price, along with a few tips for shopping on a budget.

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