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  • In Full Bloom: My Favorite Fashion Era Style



    If you’ve been following my blog since its launch, by now, you probably have some idea of my style, and you may even have picked up on hints of my favorite fashion era.  Like most people, as I evolved, so did my style, and I now find that I can never get enough of the fabulous feminine glam of the fifties, which is truly my favorite fashion era.  The lady like silhouettes, and classic styles created by the likes of Coco Chanel, and worn by style icon Jackie O during this era, seem to always provide some inspiration to my style.  Even when dressing casual, and incorporating a few trends I like, I try to find ways to incorporate a little of my favorite era in my outfit.  Whether it’s an A-line skirt combined with an on trend shoe, or trendy denim paired with a classic pump, there seems to be some thread of my favorite era woven into my style.  The thing I love most about 50’s era fashion is that it transcends all styles, there is something for everyone and even the modern and trendy woman of today can find style inspiration in this era.  So, which fashion era is your favorite?  Here’s a quick overview of a few well known fashion era’s to help you identify your style inspiration.

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