They’re Back: Wearing Culottes While Pairing Pastels


IMG_3169.jpgIMG_3145.jpgI’m sure at some point, when cleaning and organizing your closet, you have had second thoughts about getting rid of a certain item, because that little voice in your head said “Don’t do it…It will be in style again one day.”  Well, here’s a lesson in listening to your inner voice.  In 2014, we saw the culotte trend take off as a revival of the goucho, and it looks like this retro silhouette is back in 2015, and probably here to stay.  If you own a pair of culottes, this is definitely an item to bring out for spring, and if you are looking to add this item to your wardrobe, here are a couple of how-to’s for wearing the culotte.  [bmp id=20]


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