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With only nine days left before Christmas, we’re all running around, trying to get our last minute holiday shopping done, planning to travel or planning for guests.  If you’re like me, you have so many things on your to do list, that it almost seems impossible to get it all done.  Well, because of my busy schedule, and what seems like almost unmanageable to do’s, I’ve had to figure out a few ways to manage my holiday to do list, and I thought some of the things I’ve learned could be helpful to you.  So, in today’s “Lifestyle Guide,” I’m sharing a few tips for managing your holiday to do list, along with a few of my favorite Kate Spade items that I love for organizing and being on the go.

Lifestyle Guide:  Tips For Managing Your Holiday To Do List

Choose A Method That Works Best For You –  Whether it’s pen and paper (which I prefer), the computer, or an app on your phone, be sure to select and stick with a to do list method that fits you and your lifestyle.

Make Your Lists Short And Sweet – So that you don’t overwhelm yourself with your daily to do’s, keep your lists short and sweet.  You will feel more accomplished and productive as you tick off this short list, and you can easily move on to creating your next short list once each task on your list is complete.

Have Separate Lists For Different Areas Of Your Life – I have a list for personal (me only), home (house and family), and my blog.  This not only allows me to personalize my lists, but it allows me to be more focused on what I need to get done for each area.

Prioritize – Make sure you list your tasks in order of importance, especially during the holidays.  This will help you to address the most pressing items first, while saving other less important things for when you have more time.

Make Notes – To make tackling your tasks easier, make any relevant notes next to the task, like a specific time or time of day to complete the task,  or any relevant telephone numbers or addresses.  This will limit you having to refer to various different resources to complete the task, everything will be in one place.

I hope today’s “Lifestyle Guide” tips will help you manage your to do list this holiday season.  Below are a few of my favorite Kate Spade items that I love to use to keep me organized, and prepared when I’m on the go.  There is even one item I love to use after a long day of tackling to do’s.  You can shop these items by clicking on them or you can visit the Shop Lifestyle Page here.


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Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


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  1. Jill
    December 16, 2016 / 11:40 pm

    Terrific post…these tips are perfect for me right now, and many of them I had never thought of. Thanks!

  2. Allison
    December 17, 2016 / 10:53 am

    Perfect timing! I needed these tips so badly…lovely photo too!!

  3. Gina
    December 17, 2016 / 9:53 pm

    Such great tips!!! I have a problem with managing my time during this time of year, and these tips will definitely help!!! Thanks for the post!!!

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