The Raw Hem Denim Trend & DIY Tips To Create Your Own


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Style Guide:  DIY Tips To Create Your Own Raw Hem Denim

Step 1 – Put your jeans on and measure where you want the new hem of your jeans  to fall.  You can mark this with chalk, by drawing a straight line across.

Step 2 – You will need a sharp pair of scissors that can cut through layers of denim easily.  Cut across the chalk line slowly and neatly, making sure the edges are straight.

Step 3 – Make sure both sides of the denim are equal and that there’s no stray bits anywhere as you need a clean cut, smooth line to work with for the next steps and to make it look like it was professionally done.

Step 4 – Once you have a clean cut raw hem, now comes the fraying of the hem.  Using just the tips of the scissors, move along the hem making multiple slits in the denim at a vertical angle, about 2mm in length.  Cut every few millimeters along the hemline, so there are plenty of cuts.

Step 5 – Next you want to rough up the ends of the denim by rubbing them together.  Simply get a hem and hold each side in each hand, and rub them together like you are rubbing two stones together.  This will create friction on the cuts you made and frays the hem.  You can snip off any long white threads that come off if you don’t like them.